South African Carbon Sinks Atlas

Carbon Sinks Plugin

The QGIS plugin allows you to search SAEON's Carbon Sinks data repository, and enables you to calculate the different carbon pools for the national carbon sinks assessment.

Getting Started

Download Files:


  • Open your QGIS Desktop Application

  • Navigate to plugins

The system will run on any PC loaded with QGIS 3 and above. In the plugin menu item of QGIS, click the 'Manage and Install Plugins…' to open the plugins dialog. Navigate to the settings option and make sure 'Show also experimental plugins' is checked, then choose the 'Install from zip' option and select the '' file. Click the 'Install Plugin' button to install the plugin.

Guide to the QGIS Plugin

Interfaces of the Plugin:

  • The Carbon Sinks window (a search and discovery interface which opens when the plugin is clicked); and

  • The Model builder (accessible from the ‘Model’ button in the main Carbon Sinks window).


  • Download raw data

  • Draw custom layers

  • Run multiple expressions